About Lisa's Passions

Lisa Zachary

The Beauty & Wellness Brand
Filled with a purpose, Lisa has always been driven to succeed. Her passion…beauty and wellness of the mind, body and soul. Her mission…to help people achieve and reside in that realm. In a determined effort to achieve this goal, she has made it her business to be well-versed in all areas of the wellness lifestyle and to share that knowledge with the masses. To that end, she is constantly studying, researching and gleaning new information. Educated in skincare treatment, organic skincare, and nutrition for skin, Lisa is an essential oils coach, an independent business Consultant in Isagenix and the Founder & CEO of Symmetrics Beauty. Her beauty and wellness tips are designed to enhance your natural beauty without the additional toxins and chemicals found in many of today’s cosmetics and foods. Lisa believes, without a doubt, that it is possible to achieve a healthy, vibrant lifestyle using natural ingredients.